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Thông tin sản phẩm
Tên sản phẩm : AKG WMS 40 MINI 2 Wireless
Mã sản phẩm : AKG WMS 40 MINI 2 Wireless
Giá tham khảo : 5,300,000 VND
Lượt xem : 2574
Thông tin sơ lược :

The latest addition to the successful line of HARMAN’s AKG WMS40 MINI series now features a dual channel receiver.  The AKG WMS40 MINI2 Dual wireless system, launched at Winter NAMM, offers high-definition audio performance, with efficient body pack and cardioid mic transmitters, ensuring advanced, reliable and quality sound for performances.

The WMS40 MINI2 Dual Package is available in three sets – the Vocal, Instrumental and Mix sets.  The Vocal set features two HT40 MINI dynamic cardioid microphones and the SR40 MINI2 Dual receiver.  AKG’s Instrumental set includes two PT40 MINI body packs – the smallest transmitters in its class that lasts up to 30 hours on one AA battery- the SR40 MINI2 Dual and a guitar cable, while the Mix set offers one HT40 MINI, a PT40 MINI and the SR40 MINI2 Dual. 

With swivelling antennae, easy-to-read LED meterings, volume control and the on-off switch on the front of the receiver, connecting and calibrating the plug-and-play system ensures engineers and musicians spend more time playing than worrying about the wireless technology itself. 

“AKG’s WMS Series has proven to be very popular in the live sound industry and we are happy to continue offering reliable equipment to better serve musicians and engineers looking for their ultimate sound with minimal equipment,” stated Thomas Umbauer, product marketing manager – PPA, AKG.  “Expanding the capabilities of WMS40 in the new Dual system exceeds the industry standards for smaller, quality wireless systems.  Our engineers continuously work to ensure our products offer the best in signal transmission and sound and WMS40 MINI2 Dual follows AKG tradition in every sense.”

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